Linda Deeter, Artist

"Crater Lake", Oil on canvas, 18" x 24".  This painting was done from a photo sent to me by my niece, Debbie, who lives near this beautiful place!  I enjoyed every second of painting!  I love painting from photos!  Here's the photo I painted from, below.

sharing my art!

"God  put the beauty in nature ... I get to preserve it on canvas! "

This one has a story, as most paintings do ..........  It is a mural!  8 ft x 10 ft and painted on a recycled vinyl canvas.

It was painted especially for Big Creek Cowboy Church as a backdrop for the front of the church as well as a part of the Christmas on the Square float in downtown Coldspring, TX.  The painting is a dual artist effort.  The background and manger was painted by Linda Deeter;  the animals were sketched and painted by Tina Coe.  We enjoyed every moment of our time painting together!  Unfortunately 10 minutes before the amazing lighted Christmas parade was to begin, a huge storm came up and completely rained it out, soaking everything and everybody!    The painting had been previously sealed & protected, so it did not suffer a lot of damage and can be used again.

I love painting and I love sharing my art.

This website is a work in progress ... please bookmark it and come back in just a little while to view more of my paintings ... I think you will enjoy it!

On most pages you may click on the painting and it will enlarge for close up viewing.  Details of the painting & prices will be seen on the enlarged view.

My very first "real" oil painting class was taught by Ruth Ann Wise in Modesto, California in 1989.  This little mission is on a small piece of wood and I still remember the feeling of dipping that brush into that creamy paint and brushing it on the canvas!  I fell in love with painting that day!